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Web & Software Development

Development is the heart of TECKpert. With over 20 years of combined experience, our process is agile, scalable and 100% tested. We have experience across a wide array of technologies and have built hundreds of applications using web technologies and programming languages. TECKpert works with back-end and front-end technologies from platforms like React and NodeJS, to programming languages like C# and JavaScript, working through the entire stack of technologies when building an application. We have extensive experience working with open source and commercial platforms. Whatever the technology or platform, our TECKpert's can build it.

  • Full Stack Development
  • Desktop Software Development
  • Database Development
  • Backend Development
  • API Development
  • SaaS Products
  • eCommerce Development
  • Web Services Development
  • CMS Development
  • Website Development

Technology we use


Mobile Development

IOS and Android developers at TECKpert have experience building mobile applications using the latest technologies and incorporating modern design trends. Whether you have a brand new idea for a mobile app or are in need of creating a mobile component to your product or service, TECKpert can make it happen.

  • Xamarin Development
  • Android Wear Apps
  • Chromebook Apps
  • Android Tablet Apps
  • Android TV Apps
  • Android Smartphone Apps
  • Apple TV Apps
  • Apple Watch Development
  • iPad App Development
  • iPhone App Development

Technology we use


IT & Cloud

TECKpert helps organizations transform their IT and cloud environments. Our team of experts deliver highly-effective and reliable consulting services that provide organizations with a competitive edge. Whether your applications are running in a data center, a third-party hosted private or public cloud, or a combination of the two, we can help you scale and support your applications.

  • ERP Integration
  • Solutions Architecture
  • Network Administration
  • Systems Engineering
  • Systems Compliance
  • Information Security
  • Systems Architecture
  • Network Security
  • Database Administration
  • DevOps

Technology we use


Design and Creative

Creating your brand’s digital footprint incorporates structure, data, and understanding your customer’s behavior so that we are able to design cutting-edge websites, apps, and digital products that capture and engage your customer. Our designs are created with your business goals in mind and will leave a lasting impression with your customers.

  • Motion Graphics Production
  • VR & AR Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Strategy
  • Design Thinking
  • Web Design
  • UI/UX Design
  • Logo Design
  • Mobile App Design

Technology we use



We blend creativity, content, data, and tech to put the customer in the middle of the experience across multiple channels, driving growth for your business online. TECKpert assembles teams to execute strategies using digital technologies incorporating content, lead generation, experiential marketing, automation, and social engagement.

  • Paid Search
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Marketing Automation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Social Media
  • Marketing Automation
  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • Lead Generation
  • Email Marketing
  • Campaign Management

Technology we use


Data Science & Analytics

Making sense of big data and advance analytics can give a business a competitive advantage. We help companies get maximum value form their data By combining our design and engineering experience, we are able to solve the data challenges our clients face through their digital transformation journey.

  • Data Modeling
  • Database Design
  • Social Analytics
  • Query Design & Optimization
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Dashboard Visualization
  • Data Mining
  • Data Analytics
  • A/B Testing

Technology we use

Specialized and diverse


Over the years, our clients in the financial industry have valued our consistent and reliable support for their digital products. Our clients include online brokerages, CPA firms, investment banks, private equity, and financial advisory firms. We’ve created corporate websites, built a big data bond trading platform, and launched online growth campaigns.


Digital innovations are spreading through the healthcare industry and TECKpert is ready to support the adoption and deployment of the latest technology to serve the needs of healthcare organizations. We work with practices, MSO’s, technology companies, and hospital systems to deploy solutions ranging from visualizing IoT data, integrating patient portals, launching open enrollment campaigns, to creating population health dashboards.

Real Estate

Since 2009, TECKpert has supported residential brokerages, commercial firms, developers, contractors, and startups in the real estate industry. We’ve built marketing automation platforms, strategized and launched digital marketing campaigns for homebuilders, and supported the South Florida expansion of a NY based brokerage.


Our company's founding was born from delivering technology solutions to the major departments of the federal government. We have expertise in the area of adapting cutting edge digital technology for helping to protect and serve our country.


We operate like a startup being innovative, efficient, and scrappy. We've invested and helped startups launch their products delivering teams to help augment key areas where startups need help. We've been a trusted early stage partner for startups since our founding and have the experience and skills to help them succeed.


TECKpert has been on the forefront of integrating web technologies to deliver services over the internet for consumer and business products. Our expertise consists of designing and developing Software as a Service products for a wide range of customer audiences.


Big data is a big deal in Insurance. TECKpert teams help Insurance companies get insights into their data. We've setup data lakes and dashboards for key segments that help tell a story on what trends they should be tracking in their business.

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