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Future of Work is Now: Six Steps to Hire a Developer

September 9, 2022 / By: Adrian

Developers are in-demand, from startups to large government agencies and everything in between. No matter the size of your business and budget, or the requirements of your projects, developers with the desired skill sets can be tricky to find. We’ve broken down the process of finding the right talent into 6 simple steps. < ...

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Programming Apple Vs. Android

September 9, 2022 / By: Adrian

Different platforms require different programming languages - or at least favor them. For newer developers, it can be easier to start creating applications in Swift for iOS vs. the Java/Kotlin based apps that live in the Android space. Or it may be worth it to pursue a cross platfor ...

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Future of Work Is Now: What is Staff Augmentation

August 8, 2022 / By: Adrian

What is staff augmentation? To put it simply, staff augmentation is outsourcing work to agencies or individuals outside of your full-time team. But this widely used definition is too traditional for the developments and innovations that staff augmentation solutions have gone through. A better definition would be that staff augmentation is a customizable support and ...

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Tech Insights: 7 Top Tech Careers that Don’t Involve Code

July 28, 2022 / By: Tripti

As more and more businesses embrace e-commerce and online platforms, SaaS (software as a service) solutions, and other cloud-based initiatives - it’s easy to get lost in the sea of job postings for front and back end developers, system administrators, and other code heavy roles. You may be a wiz at Go, or Python, or C++ but not all developments are driven by devel ...

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Future of Work is Now: High Performing Agile Teams

July 7, 2022 / By: Adrian

The workplaces of the future are fluid. What do we mean? Well, your employees may not actually be your employees, but instead are a combination of freelancers, longer-term contracts, and employment per project. With the gig-economy expected to become the new standard, the big questi ...

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AI: Portrait of the Future of Work

June 30, 2022 / By: Mary

DALL·E 2 - OpenAI’s realistic image generation system, is a developed artificial intelligence that creates detailed images from text descriptions. On their website they illustrate how different subjects and ...

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Future of Work is Now: Halting Burnout and Increasing Retention

June 10, 2022 / By: Adrian

We’ve just lived through the “Great Resignation” and many companies are still feeling the effects. Retention, burnout, company culture, and job satisfaction are all linked and inseparable. If you consider your companies client base, mitigating churn and building customer satisfaction aren’t just goals, they are company-wide initiatives. Is the same true for ...

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Future of Work is Now: Digital Acceleration

May 12, 2022 / By: Adrian

“The robots will steal all our jobs!” According to movies, articles, tweets, and your uncle at family gatherings, with the progression of technology comes the inevitable point that our digital creations will put us out of work altogether. But this is not the case. Will jobs be eliminated? Yes, but...

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