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Future of Work is Now: Digital Acceleration

May 12, 2022 / By: Adrian

“The robots will steal all our jobs!” According to movies, articles, tweets, and your uncle at family gatherings, with the progression of technology comes the inevitable point that our digital creations will put us out of work altogether. But this is not the case. Will jobs be eliminated? Yes, but...

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Tech Insights: Calls-to-Action

April 19, 2022 / By: Lisa

The “The End” of the blogosphere - calls-to-action (CTAs) are the expected finish to any blog as well as well-placed breadcrumbs throughout your site and marketing. When you were in school first learning to write a paper, your final paragraph was supposed to sum up your point for the reader - the CTA has to do that - and ...

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Future of Work is Now: Future Proofing your Workforce

March 31, 2022 / By: Adrian

When we think about “proofing” something we think of making it durable, but also impenetrable - like weather proofing, or fire proofing - where “proofing” is meant to keep something out. In terms of your workforce, future proofing is less about shielding and more about flexibility.  In the workforce of the future be ...

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Python vs. R

March 22, 2022 / By: Adrian

We love a good trend battle, and the debate on Python vs. R is a juicy one in the world of data science. So what are the deciding factors in this language war? Software ecosystems? Skill level? Tasks?  Whether you’re trying to decide which language to add to your stack, or which language to use for a project, let us help ...

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Tech Insights: QA

February 28, 2022 / By: Adrian

QA, or Quality Assurance is a mandatory role in tech companies. It’s also often an entry-level position for many aspiring professionals from dev ops to data analysts. You could say that QA testers and engineers are the front-line defense between you and potential errors and poor performance experiences for your users. But ...

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Future of Work is Now: Go-To-Market

February 16, 2022 / By: Luis

Whether you are developing the brand and messaging from scratch for a start-up, or coordinating a new product launch - speed is king. These go-to-market launches are never simple, and usually involve a lot of eyes for coordination, review, planning, creating content, etc. With a seemingly endless to-do list you’ll likely nee ...

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Tech Insights: AWS & Cloud Computing

January 19, 2022 / By: Adrian

Why buy if you can pay as you go? Think of cloud computing as the subscription delivery service of IT solutions. Through cloud providers (like AWS) you have the ability to access storage, services, and host solutions.  Seems like a no-strings-attached approach to integrating technologies and scaling your business. We’ve w ...

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Future of Work is Now: Hiring like a Pro

January 6, 2022 / By: Ivana

Hiring has become a full-time job, less like a traditional 9-5 position and more like an on-call 24/7 emergency response role. It’s no secret that the way we approach work in America is changing. An increase in gig economy workers and freelance positions has changed the game for both companies and employees.  With the dec ...

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