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Future of Work


The Future of Work is Now: Merging A Traditional & Contingent Workforce

June 29, 2020 / By: Mary Bargagliotti

Yes, it is true that the contingent workforce is the workforce of the future. The same is also true that your traditional workforce is still a crucial part of the business. The challenge that lies ahead is maximizing the benefits of both types of employees for the best outcome. Both the traditional workforce and contingent workforce have their strengths and weakness ...

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The Future of Work is Now: Rethinking Your Workforce With a Contingent Workforce

May 28, 2020 / By: Adrian

You have heard that the future of work is now. What does that mean for your workforce? What does that mean for your business? We are grateful to have been part of many conversations with our clients about what it means to rethink your workforce. The truth is there is no right or wrong answer. The answer depends on your industry, technologies, and customer experience ...

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The Future of Work is Now: TECKpert’s Own Digital Transformation 

May 13, 2020 / By: Adrian

What is digital transformation? Big or small, you have personally gone through your own digital transformation. Remember the first car phone and your dial-up internet modem? And if your business has been around long enough (just a couple years), your business has also already gone through digital transformations. Changes in technology have grown exponentially over t ...

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The Future of Work is Now: 7 Hiring Trends in 2020

April 22, 2020 / By: Adrian

Attracting the best talent to your workforce is both an art and a science. First impressions matter and you need to use all resources available to ensure a good one. There are many industry hiring trends to focus on as a company while rethinking your workforce. We are also happy to share some of our own best practices that we use to find our own TECKperts for our ow ...

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The Future of Work is Now: 8 Job Search Trends for Applicants in 2020

April 20, 2020 / By: Adrian

We have all been there before, but the times we are in make this job search a bit different. The standard worries still exist. For example, how do I stand out among other applicants? How do I find a career I love? Now there are some new concerns. How do I find a career that fits my lifestyle in a post-CoronaVirus era?  What does my lifestyle look like post-CoronaVi ...

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The Future of Work is Now: Staying Relevant to Your Customer and Your Team

April 9, 2020 / By: Adrian

Sure, it is easy to tell someone to stay relevant and your business will last. Ok, but what exactly does that entail? Relevance is not something that occurs naturally. It is something people and businesses need to strive for each and every day in our fast-changing world. What does relevance mean to you, personally, and to your business? Inextricably, the two are int ...

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The Future of Work is Now: Disruption & Innovation

March 27, 2020 / By: Adrian

Today, in our current global economic climate, many businesses, large and small, are in the middle of unprecedented times. Many have referred to these times as substantial and forced working experiments. Businesses are experiencing wide swings undergoing a great contraction while others have never experienced this extreme high consumer demand. Either way, there is n ...

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The Future of our WorkForce is NOW

March 17, 2020 / By: Adrian

In 2020, why aren’t companies yet prepared for a remote workforce?   For decades, American businesses have debated the best way to maximize their employee output while simultaneously keeping them happy enough to stay for the long term. At the forefront of these debates has long been the option to work from home. T ...

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