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Our Visit to Nicklaus Children’s Telehealth Center

July 5, 2019 / By: Adrian

TECKpert recently visited the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s Telehealth Center for a behind-the-scenes look at digital transformation in healthcare. As forerunners in the telehealth space, NCH is leveraging a range of new technologies to expand their ability to offer specialized care. Nicklaus Children’s role as a specialty provider of cutting edge pediatric and fetal care makes them uniq ...

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Insights from a recent Telehealth Event

May 5, 2019 / By: Adrian

The TECKpert team recently attended “The Doctor in Your Smartphone: Telehealth & Its Impact on the Healthcare Industry.” Healthcare organizations like AvMed and UHealth, both sponsors of the event, are making telehealth part of their long term strategic plan. The panel featured telehealth experts: Dr. Anne E. Burdick of the University of Miami; Dr. Deborah Mulligan of Nova Southeastern and ...

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What IoT Means for Health Care

April 24, 2019 / By: Adrian

Without knowing it, you’re probably already using IoT devices in your daily life. IoT, or Internet of Things, refers to the ever-growing set of objects and devices that are internet-enabled, capable of connecting to and sharing information with your other devices and web-based accounts. The growth of IoT has implications for all parts of everyday ...

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New Trends In Healthcare Web Design

February 7, 2018 / By: Adrian

When it comes to design, the healthcare industry has always presented unique challenges and considerations. Technology and healthcare are converging in new and fascinating ways, and nowhere is this more clear than in web and app design. As products such as wearable tech and interactive health apps have become mainstream, a conversation about how to create patient-centric experiences has emerged.  ...

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Leveraging Data, Design and Human Insight to Connect With New Patients.

January 31, 2018 / By:

To medical professionals, acquiring new patients is more than just an aspect of business operations. The prospect of treating new people in need is a rewarding notion for medical professionals in any field. So when a South Florida based Managed Service Organization came to TECKpert with a need to drive more patient sign-ups during the Medicare Annual Election Period, we leveraged a number of tools ...

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