7 Reasons to Outsource Your Technical Recruiting


December 1, 2022 | By: Mary

Recruiting is always a challenge – no matter the industry. With technology, recruiting can be a much more complex task. Why? Often, the roles you are looking to fill are either incredibly specific, or incredibly broad (requiring multiple certifications or a unique set of experiences). The real challenge is that it takes an understanding of technology to staff for technical roles. So, what’s the solution if technical know-how isn’t your main strength? Read more about the reasons many organizations have decided to outsource technical recruiting.

1. Understanding technical roles 

The relationship between a technical role and a talent match has a few factors:

  1. An understanding of what skills the role requires
  2. An understanding of the workload and timeline
  3. Knowledge of any supplemental skills that would be beneficial

Before we dive any deeper into recruiting for technical roles, let’s talk about posting a technical role. The same level of understanding is required and it may surprise you to hear that not every employer understands the technical aspects of what they may need – that is unless you’ve been in this position yourself.

This is why a consultation is always the first step. Sometimes, technical experience is required to determine what the role even is.

This post is about outsourcing your recruiting, so let’s assume that we’ve already decided to work together. Now, there are a ton of technical degrees and certifications so understanding these niche specialties when searching for the right expertise is half the battle. TECKpert can advocate for you when sourcing talent, and advise on strategy to ensure a great talent match with the skills required to achieve the digital transformation you’re looking for. 

2. Don’t roadblock your strengths

Ask anyone with experience in recruiting and they’ll tell you it can take months to fill a role. Platforms like ours are different since we continuously build relationships with freelancers and contractors. Most of the time we already have the talent you need.

Have you heard the expression, “finding a job is a full-time job”? Outsourcing your recruitment allows you to focus on the work you do best instead of crippling your organization’s strengths by pulling resources away from projects – either by the time cost of recruitment, or the strain of resources that additional workloads from vacant positions place on your existing team.

3. Time costs money… and time

Let’s talk a little more about time as a resource. You pay your employees for their time, but not having the team you need in place costs you time. Time taken away from product development, time added to your roadmap, time added to estimates for must-have features for potential Enterprise clients, etc. 

When we partner with you we assess the scope of your needs and apply project management to cut down on onboarding time as we help manage your workload throughout the placement process.

4. Partnering with a technical recruitment platform is less expensive

We’ve talked about the cost of time, now we just have to talk plainly about cost. Short answer, it’s cheaper. Costs of outsourcing recruitment are minimal compared to finding talent through traditional internal systems; job postings; lengthy interview process, and onboarding costs.

And remember, you’re not just using a service to find a warm body to fill a role, you’re partnering with a resource focussed on technical projects, tasks, and transformation. 

5. Intelligent matching

Intelligent matching uses proprietary technology to match skills to roles. Proprietary technology combines processes and tools with a system of interconnected data determined by your requirements. 

Intelligent matching is, in part, a vetting process – with the boost of data analytics – to ensure that the defined role is filled with the correct skillsets, availability, and cultural fit. In terms of factors considered, TECKpert breaks down timelines and costs from recruitment through to scalability in comparison to third-party freelancing sites and traditional employment methods. See how we stack up:

  TECKpert Freelancer Sites Traditional Employment
Recruiting Time 1-2 weeks 2-3 weeks 1-3 months
Recruiting Costs $0 $0 – $500 $1,000 – $25,000
Intelligent Matching 100% 50/50 50/50
Vetted Candidates All Limited Varies
U.S. Candidates 100% Rare Competitive
Onboarding Time 1 week 1-2 weeks 1-3 months
Downtime Zero Low Moderate
Termination Costs Zero Zero Very High
Skills Gaps Met Unlimited Limited Unlimited
Scalability Unlimited Limited Very Limited


6. Onboarding Speed

Since we’re talking about augmenting your teams with staffing, we also have to talk about the time it takes for onboarding. Technical onboarding time can be extensive – it can take weeks or more for a traditional onboarding process to get someone new to get up to speed on projects and tasks. Or, you could roll project scope and planning into your outsourced recruitment efforts. 

If you’re paying for a technical company to recruit for your technical teams, then speed needs to be something we can provide. This is, after all, our specialty. For most roles, onboarding can be accomplished well within one week. Why? Partly because we already have details on what you’re looking for and how it needs to scale – and partly because we’ve vetted experienced candidates and contractors.

7. Filling skills gaps

Outsourcing technical recruiting and choosing to augment your team gives you total freedom. You’re not limited to hiring just one candidate – you have the option to employ entire marketing teams, dev teams, or content creators to meet your needs.

The unknown tasks – and perhaps previously out of reach goals – become entirely achievable when you remove the roadblocks of traditional hiring. Which brings us to our bonus reason: Scalability.

You’re not limited to hiring full-time employees, or one employee at a time, you’re free to scale up and down as your needs grow. We find that a lot of companies that work with us will scale up and outsource tasks for things like website redesign, full on rebrands, or major product launches. For small teams, recruiting partnerships can save you precious resources. For large companies, it can provide additional support to existing teams to speed up timelines, break into new marketing channels, or even out workloads. 

The possibilities are endless.

Sometimes the word “outsourcing” can feel negative. Outsourcing does not have to mean outside of the United States. All of the TECKpert team is 100% U.S. based and happy to deliver technical skills either remotely or locally. It’s up to you to design the workforce you need but we can help. Reach out to us today to get started.