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Leveraging Data, Design and Human Insight to Connect With New Patients.

January 31, 2018 / By: Adrian

To medical professionals, acquiring new patients is more than just an aspect of business operations. The prospect of treating new people in need is a rewarding notion for medical professionals in any field. So when a South Florida based Managed Service Organization came to TECKpert with a need to drive more patient sign-ups during the Medicare Annual Election Period, we leveraged a number of tools to help the facility connect with new patients. Along the way, we discovered methods and practices effective for any healthcare organization to attract new patients. The result was a data-driven campaign that lead to more patient signups than at any comparable period in the medical center’s history.

The Approach

Our approach began by defining the audience that would most resonate with the center’s services and mission. We scoured the client’s historical data, as well as local demographics data to tailor a custom strategy. We deduced that there was opportunity to connect with families in key neighborhoods – specifically households whose familial makeup included senior parents of middle-aged individual.

Utilizing behavior-based targeting methods on Google and Facebook, we spoke directly to these families, promoting the center’s commitment to senior care, expert family medicine, and its close vicinity to the individuals’ homes. Additionally, we promoted the medical staff working at each center, allowing our target audience to check the healthcare providers’ credentials, background and specialties. This not only helped families feel more confident about the service they would receive, but helped humanize the center and create a positive first impression

From there, our web design team crafted informational pages that made reaching out as easy as clicking a button. We designed responsive landing pages that emphasized ease-of-contact, making use of click-to-call buttons and email submission forms. The pages displayed information about the center’s services in an intuitive, easy-to-digest fashion.

Launching and managing effective digital marketing campaigns during Open Enrollment periods can be one of the most effective actions your practice can take to acquire new patients. Consider the following tips as you launch your campaign:

5 Tips for Healthcare Digital Marketing

1. Research well in advance

Google’s free keyword planner is an excellent tool for both paid search and SEO research.

Identify the “who” and “where” of your potential patients as early as possible is the first step to success. Today’s marketing tools allow a level of  targeting advertisements never before possible, so taking steps to ensure only potential patients are seeing your ads has never been easier. Consider where your audience lives, what the makeup of their household looks like, what time they work, what time they’re online, and behaviors and interests to build out the most effective campaign possible.

2. Write for your audience

Create simple, clear, and informative content.

Your copy should be a reflection of how you would speak to your patient in person. Being sincere and genuine about the care that you can provide potential patients can do a lot to build trust with your audience. Highlight services that are relevant and valuable to these individuals.

3. Design Can Make All The Difference

The design that is utilized for your campaign is your first impression with potential patients. Just as it is important to write for your audience, designing for your audience is just as essential. In our campaign, we wanted to connect with seniors and their families, so we were sure to make all text, graphics and calls to action large and easy to consume.

4. Make Lead Capture Simple, But Effective

You can have the world’s most well thought-out campaign with stunning visuals and an on-point message, but without a solid lead capture strategy, it will be for naught. Make sure you’re able to convert incoming traffic with clear calls-to-action and uncomplicated message submission forms. Including click-to-call buttons on your pages and ads are another great way to simplify the contact process.

5. Measure Everything

Today’s online marketing tools offer more insights into user behavior than ever before. Utilizing this data to perfect landing pages and improve the user experience is a must when it comes to maximizing return on your investment. Leveraging this data can shed key insights into everything from how people interact with your ads and what messaging resonates best with your audience, to identifying an diagnosing issues on the page.


Over the two-month period that the Open Enrollment Period ran, the medical center saw almost double the patient signups as last year’s period. Utilizing the proper tools and data is what makes or breaks any campaign, and TECKpert’s ability to incorporate the newest technologies into our methodology is what allows us to continue delivering results for clients. If you would like to learn how a data-backed web campaign can connect you with more patients, get in touch today.


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