Our Visit to Nicklaus Children’s Telehealth Center


July 5, 2019 | By: Adrian

TECKpert recently visited the Nicklaus Children’s Hospital’s Telehealth Center for a behind-the-scenes look at digital transformation in healthcare. As forerunners in the telehealth space, NCH is leveraging a range of new technologies to expand their ability to offer specialized care.

Nicklaus Children’s role as a specialty provider of cutting edge pediatric and fetal care makes them uniquely qualified to take advantage of new tech-enabled opportunities. One of the first ways their team has implemented telehealth is to assist in disaster relief efforts. With the help of a “suitcase” full of top of the line diagnostic tools and a satellite connection, any doctor on the ground can consult with a specialist at the NCH Telehealth command center for real-time diagnosis. Beyond disaster relief, NCH also uses telehealth to help children across the state of Florida in rural, underfunded schools that can’t support a full-time school nurse.

As professional-caliber remote diagnostic tools get smaller and more affordable, the possibility of at-home telehealth becomes possible as well. The parent can communicate from home directly with a doctor, reducing the need to bring a sick child out for treatment and potentially limiting infectious disease spread. Onerous check-up requirements can also be minimized with telehealth. NCH draws many international patients for care from their pediatric specialists. Instead of traveling back to Miami from South America or the Caribbean for follow-up appointments, patients with access to NCH partner doctors can have a telehealth check-in with their treating physician.

These technologies and tech integrations will only continue to improve; as they do, the possibilities of telehealth will continue to grow. Nicklaus Children’s Hospital has several other telehealth offerings ready to deploy once the regulatory environment catches up. By taking a proactive approach to improving the quality and convenience of care, NCH has become a leader in telehealth advancement. Other healthcare providers and entrepreneurs can learn from their example– the time to start planning your own digital transformation is already here!


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