May 2, 2022 | By: Mary

MIAMI & TALLAHASSEE, FL – TECKpert, a technical consulting and staff augmentation company, has been awarded a contract with Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) for IT staffing.


This opportunity will showcase TECKpert’s IT talent and ability to provide unparalleled staffing support to Broward County Public Schools. 

“We are incredibly proud of our diversity and the expert technical talent that leads digital transformations for all of our public and private clients,” said Karen Jones, TECKpert’s Director of Government Sales. “This opportunity to work with Broward County Public Schools is a great fit with the TECKpert values and mission. We look forward to a long relationship of shared development and growth.” 

TECKpert manages their digital talent using a proprietary application to move quickly for their clients, such as Broward County.  The company provides technical talent to both public and private organizations across the United States with technical expertise focused in Web & Software Development, Mobile Development, IT & Cloud, Design & Creative, Digital Marketing, and Data Science & Analytics. 

TECKpert’s Mission is to “Transform organizations with talent and technology.” 

TECKpert’s Vision is to “Grow an ecosystem of innovation creating new products, capabilities and workforce opportunities.” 

TECKpert’s Values are three parts. 

  1. Integrate – Integrate into organizations through collaboration & creativity. Integrate into the lives of our talent through flexibility & freedom. 
  2. Iterate – Create solutions that future-proof organizations & create opportunities that develop our technical workforce. 
  3. Educate – Perpetual curiosity and shared knowledge create an experience that leaves our clients & talent in a better place than we found them.

For more information, reach out through the website at https://teckpert.com/government/


Business Summary: TECKpert is a minority-owned, small business designated, tech consulting and staff augmentation business providing solutions to supplement or build technical teams. Since 2009, our highly skilled digital talent has implemented transformational solutions for a variety of organizations, large and small. Our talent is focused in providing solutions through web & software development, mobile development, IT & Cloud, Design & Creative, Marketing, and Data Science & Analytics. Our mission is to transform organizations with technology. We are able to do this with the best talent available on our proprietary platform giving our clients the ability to scale-up or down, as necessary, based on needs of the project, contract and organization.