The Future of Work is Now: 8 Job Search Trends for Applicants in 2020


April 20, 2020 | By: Adrian

We have all been there before, but the times we are in make this job search a bit different. The standard worries still exist. For example, how do I stand out among other applicants? How do I find a career I love? Now there are some new concerns. How do I find a career that fits my lifestyle in a post-CoronaVirus era?  What does my lifestyle look like post-CoronaVirus? How does the company culture fit into my day-to-day life? And how do I navigate all of these different job search platforms? Below are some job search trends to help you find your way.

Hiring Trends 2020 More Than a Paycheck

Some words of wisdom, “Stay open minded. There is a theory on careers known as chaos theory. Chaos theory of careers maintains that uncertainty is the core principle. It also suggests that careers are not linear or predictable. For those who are looking for a job right now, that might be reassuring. Given the chaos (both literally and the theory), it is best to stay open to various possibilities and embrace the unknown. There are many industry job search trends to focus on as an applicant while rethinking your future career blueprints and what is most important to you. 

Job Search Trends for applicants: 

  1. Be flexible. Employers are not only looking for certain skill sets but also for soft skills like learning agility. They need to know that as our markets and technologies change quickly, you can also adjust to new needs. How quickly can you pick up a new skill? How can you demonstrate this ability during an interview? 
  2. Teamwork. It may sound cliche. But if you cannot work well with others and communicate, then you will not succeed to meet objectives. Long-lasting solutions are commonly developed using feedback from all areas of the organization. Therefore, collaboration is an essential skill to be effective. 
  3. Have patience. Today, companies are doing more with less. Be patient and do not be afraid to follow up after you have given the company a reasonable amount of time. They have many many applicants right now and the task of hiring can seem overwhelming. Yes, we all have technologies in place to help, but we are all still human. 
  4. Follow the instructions. It is a pain to apply to 100 different companies using each of their various systems. But, this is how companies manage, sometimes, thousands of applicants. So, take the extra time to do it their way. You are more likely to get in front of the right person, if you follow the instructions. 
  5. Customize your resume using Search Engine Optimization techniques. This may sound tedious and it can be. But tailor your resume to match the job descriptions. Often, a technology is sorting the resumes for the hiring managers. When applicable, use similar phrases and terms from the job description in your resume.  Then save the resume to a resume folder with the name of the company in case you get the opportunity to interview in the future. 
  6. Reinvent yourself. Make sure the skills you have are those that are needed. If they are not, then now is the time to get your training and certifications online.  Some in-demand jobs are Web Applications Developers, Social Media Content Specialists and Data Engineers.
  7. Networking. This is key. Studies show that upwards of 70% of jobs are filled before they are ever posted. They are filled with a referral from someone they trust. This step skips the hassle of having to use the job boards. Begin with your friends, family and former coworkers who know you best. Also, remember the help they gave you when they reach out for help in the future. 
  8. Ask questions. This is a two-way street. Yes, the company is interviewing you, but you are also interviewing them. Do not just accept a job because you have an offer. Do they have a good reputation? What is the culture like? What are their expectations and what are your expectations? Can you work from home at all? Make it a good fit by being honest about what you need to stay for the long term.

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