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Adrian is the Founder and CEO of TECKpert, a leading provider of tech consulting, staffing, and implementation services, dedicated to guiding organizations through the dynamic and ever-evolving technology landscape. TECKpert has established a solid reputation for delivering cutting-edge, tailored solutions that yield tangible outcomes across various industries, be it in the private or public sector. The TECKpert approach centers around the strategic recruitment, nurturing, and management of technical professionals, ensuring the seamless execution of projects for their clients.

Adrian Esquivel started TECKpert in 2009 with the vision of providing cutting-edge technology solutions to businesses with a focus on customer service, and has worked with hundreds of companies and organizations to deliver digital solutions that have a lasting impact on their mission.

Esquivel has worked in technology for 20+ years and his goal is to help make the web a friendly place for public and private organizations. He authored The Future of the Workforce Is Now, a book that deploys everything about the remote work experience, team management, and innovative disruptions that future-proofs organizations. Having extensive knowledge of swiftly evolving technical standards will enhance the competitiveness of medium-to-large businesses, government agencies, and startups striving to progress in the market and enable them to effectively fulfill their missions.

Adrian is a creative problem solver and gap-filler tech geek that loves to be the spark for new ideas, and a driver in solving technical challenges. People who partner with him see his organization as part of theirs in helping them stay ahead of the technological curve.

This persistent guest speaker wants to continue disrupting industries including healthcare, finance, legal, real estate, governmental, and technology. Your audience will gain insightful knowledge on IT development and innovation, analytics, marketing, staff augmentation, and digital solutions to achieve success in the new economy without losing sight of what matters the most: finding passion in their work.


The Future of the Workforce Is Now

Topic Suggestions

“The Evolving Workforce: Navigating Change and Finding Clarity in Turbulent Times”
“Adapting to the Future: Identifying Key Drivers of Success in a Rapidly Changing Landscape”
“Remote Workforce Augmentation: Strategies for Future-Proofing Your Organization”
“Embracing Disruption: Innovating with a Hybrid Workforce”
“Building an Innovation Ecosystem: Unleashing New Opportunities for Products, Capabilities, and Workforce”
“Technology as a Catalyst: Enhancing Productivity, Human Connection, and Empathy in Teams”
“Scaling for Success: Leveraging Technological Innovation to Overcome Today’s Challenges”
“Digital Transformations Across Industries: Modernizing Systems for a Competitive Edge”
“The Rise of Gig Economy: Harnessing the Power of Freelancers and Contractors”
“Reskilling and Upskilling: Empowering Employees for Future Career Growth”
“The Future of Work: Exploring Automation, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics in the Workplace”
“Building a Software Product from Concept to Launch: A Step-by-Step Guide”
“Digital Transformation Strategies: Guiding Organizations through Technological Change”
“Technology Roadmapping: Planning and Implementing Future-Proof IT Solutions”
“IT Infrastructure Assessment and Optimization: Streamlining Operations for Efficiency”
“Cloud Adoption and Migration: Leveraging the Power of Cloud Computing”
“Cyber security Consulting: Safeguarding Digital Assets and Mitigating Risks”
“IT Governance and Compliance: Ensuring Regulatory and Industry Standards”


  • Fintech

  • Healthcare

  • Legal

  • Real Estate

  • Government

  • Startups

  • SaaS

  • Insurance