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ROAM Website & EQ Engine App

ROAM is revolutionizing the way you hear sound from your mobile device by introducing the next generation of earphones. TECKpert is honored to contribute to this innovation by having designed and developed the ROAM website from the ground up. The site incorporates key features of both the company and product, while also integrating with the eCommerce store. The pre-order process in the store is seamless, making it simple for users to get product information and experience an easy checkout process. To personalize your listening experience even more, TECKpert created the ROAM EQ app that will allow users to change sound dynamics directly from their high-tech earphones.

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Project Goals

ROAM’s goal for their brand was to shake up the industry with a revolutionary earphone product that looked as good as it sounded. This meant designing and developing a website and corresponding mobile app that would match the high quality appearance and functionality of ROAM’s sleek new innovation.

The website had to highlight the prominent features of the ROAM ROPES earphones, as well as provide a seamless checkout process for customers through an intuitive ecommerce store that would manage pre-orders upon launch.

The customer process needed to continue beyond the purchase point, requiring TECKpert to integrate a firmware updater for ROAM’s EQ Engine, as well as build a mobile EQ app. ROAM’s EQ app was to be essential in the earphone experience, serving as a personalization tool that would enhance the audio to the listener’s preference.


Being that this was ROAM’s first product launch, our initial design challenge was creating a complete ecommerce store while only focusing on a single product. TECKpert needed to design a comprehensive website that would both provide consumers with a full store experience, as well as appeal to the product’s target market. It came down to understanding the customer purchase process. Showing off the product’s high-end features and various color options filled in the blanks for a sleek website design and paved the way to defining the simplicity of ROAM’s mobile app.

The EQ app TECKpert was asked to create was not to be an extension of the website, but rather an additional benefit of being a ROAM consumer. That being said, its design still had to be cohesive with ROAM’s overall branding, including both the look of the newly designed website and the ROAM ROPES product. Because the iOS and Android app was to serve as a supplement to the actual hardware, its user interface and ease of use was essential for a positive product experience. TECKpert needed to display two different EQ interfaces for users to control their audio preferences without compromising the simplistic appearance. The final result was a uniquely branded, easy-to-use and personalized display.

Like most software, it was important that the firmware on ROAM’s EQ Engine be able to be properly updated without putting the user’s device at risk. In order for ROAM’s team to manage the process of the firmware testing before deploying it to their users, TECKpert needed to build the firmware updater application in which to utilize. The native OS X and Windows application made it simple for improvements to be made to the EQ Engine, ensuring an up-to-date product.

Service & Technology

TECKpert always uses the latest web and mobile technologies, adhering to their common standards.

To make ROAM come to life digitally, we used
the following technologies.

Firmware Updater/ATOM Electron

ROAM Website & EQ Engine App

“TECKpert and their team did a great job for us. They put together a stylistic, professional digital presence for our project and have
been very responsive to whatever we need. I highly recommend working with TECKpert.”

Steven Lamar
President, ROAM Ropes®

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