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Key International

Key International, a Miami-based real estate investment and development company, came to TECKpert looking for a new website that would cater to their different kinds of buyers. The site needed to showcase their available sales, both commercial and residential, as well as their various business offerings. Because of their international client-base, the website also needed to accommodate to a Spanish-speaking market. TECKpert added multi-language capabilities to the website in order for these clients to easily switch between English and Spanish. The final design featured plenty of high resolution imagery to showcase their projects and remained informational with simple, yet effective, conversion forms throughout.

Accurate Paper

As Central Florida’s recycling leader, Accurate Paper wanted a simple website that would accurately represent their brand online. TECKpert created a single-page site that showcased their strong credibility and experience in the industry while catering to their large customer base. Because the content of the new website was kept fairly minimal, the design needed to engage the audience and refrain from appearing “empty”. This was made possible through captivating imagery and its carefully planned layout.


Accu-Shred, Accurate Paper’s shredding division, required a similarly simple design as their recycling department that would showcase their commitment to service in the Central Florida market. Because the business is in charge of confidential information, it was important that their strong security standards were a key selling point on the new website. TECKpert designed and developed the responsive single-page site, complete with equipment information, licenses and compliancies, and a custom form for quote requests.

Tile Gallery


The Marmol Export USA team, a long-time client of TECKpert, came to us wanting to brand an extension of their current product offerings. While the supplier is known for its natural stones, this new brand, Tile Gallery, needed to showcase other speciality materials, like ceramic and wood. We knew that when it came to a modern home design brand, sleekness and simplicity were key. TECKpert’s logo for Tile Gallery was able to accurately represent these qualities while still attaching the Marmol name for familiarity and credibility.

Web Design & Development

For Tile Gallery’s new website, the products needed to do the talking, so TECKpert put together a very modern and high-end design that focused on product details and quality photos. Because the brand was just starting out, it was important that what we built was able to expand with their business. In addition to the material filter, TECKpert added the ability to incorporate various product filters to use as the inventory grew and varied. Simple contact forms were also placed on each product page to be able to convert users from the strongest point of action.

Atlas Paper Mills

Atlas Paper Mills came to TECKpert with a need for a revamped website. Their reputation as a “green” company needed to be well represented in their new website, especially being in the tissue paper business. TECKpert designed and developed Atlas’s responsive website, including features like fixed vertical navigation, custom graphics and branded product specs. The final product was sleek and highly informational for the brand’s market, detailing their commitment to quality and sustainability.

Windhaven Insurance

As an established auto insurance company, Windhaven came to TECKpert with hopes of rebranding their existing web presence and designing a fresh new website for both their company and their insurance comparison tool, Clutch. The Windhaven site needed to accurately represent their company culture in order to cater to future independent agents. This was accomplished by focusing on factors like their core values and long-standing local presence. Once agents became part of the team, they needed materials to help sell their insurance policy. TECKpert redesigned their existing resources in order to modernize their overall look and match the newly designed website. The result was a cohesive and current product that would be both useful to their agents and provide a great first impression to customers.

Sovereign Real Estate Group

Sovereign Real Estate Group was in need of a new website that would highlight their knowledge and experience in the real estate sectors across South Florida and the US. TECKpert designed and developed the interactive website, which highlights both their latest residential and commercial real estate transactions, as well as their key services, team bios and recent press mentions. The mix of horizontal and vertical menus throughout the website make it easy for users to view all of the available information unique to each page without drawing attention away from key points. Overall, the website was able to accurately represent their expertise with a fresh and professional design sure to capture their audience’s attention.

Pembroke Pink

The new diagnostic center was in need of a website that represented hope, femininity and a renewed approach to state-of-the-art imaging. The “power of pink” theme set the tone for the website design, as the subtle hue was implemented throughout, without appearing too monochromatic. As a patient, you want to make sure that whichever healthcare facility you’re entrusting is qualified to help with your needs. Because of this, it was important that the center’s accreditations were established on the website and that the information provided was helpful in learning about various services and procedures. Physician bios were also implemented to not only reassure patients of doctors’ qualifications and certifications, but to help them get to know their physician as well. To drive these conversions of calling to schedule an appointment, strong calls to action were established in key points of the site.


As a long-time client, Dash Door & Closer Service, Inc. knows they’re able to count on TECKpert for any online project. So when it came time to brand their product, PrivacyVue, we were called on to design the logo, create the website and market the new brand. The switchable glass product is both unique and sleek, so the digital assets needed to reflect that same look while also highlighting the product in its various available applications.

Web Design & Development

The new website, designed and developed by TECKpert, featured the switchable glass and its capabilities front and center by having the main image transition to opaque upon scroll, visually explaining to users what the product did in an instant. Additionally, PrivacyVue’s own logo was created showing both the transparent and opaque state of the glass with its simple, yet descriptive, glass icon. The rest of the website focused on explaining the uses for the product, available custom design options and their completed projects.

Digital Marketing

With the website in place, we were then able to use it as a marketing tool to promote PrivacyVue online. TECKpert put a digital advertising strategy into play, giving the brand top placement among users searching for the glass product. Since implementing both the website and our digital marketing efforts, leads to the switchable glass brand and overall brand awareness has increased exponentially.

Dash Door

Through the years, TECKpert has helped Dash Door with a variety of projects, website updates and digital marketing strategies. The long-standing business came to us in 2012 with a need for a website revamp. The former site was dated from 10 years prior and did not serve as an efficient marketing tool. So TECKpert got to work on designing and developing a more resourceful website that would help potential clients learn about the commercial door supplier.

Web Design & Development

The result was a refreshed brand overhaul, which included a modernized logo and plenty of additional website features. Users were now able to view Dash Door’s selection of products, accessories and associated manufacturers, browse through completed projects that highlighted their work, view their service offerings in detail and have a dedicated resource center showing their expertise.

Since then, TECKpert has helped the business expand their online resources and keep up to date with technology. In 2014, when Google announced that it would be taking mobile-friendly pages into greater consideration for higher search engine rankings, we transformed their website into a responsive one, so as to not interfere with our coordinating digital marketing efforts. Later, as Dash Door relied more and more on the responsive website to display their specific products and services, TECKpert developed a more intuitive categorization method. This made it possible to detail the newly-named product lines they offer while allowing users to easily access associated products, services and departments. Additionally, when Dash Door established their product line, PrivacyVue, TECKpert was called on to design, develop and market the new website. More on PrivacyVue here.

Digital Marketing

Establishing a strong digital presence within Dash Door’s industry wasn’t incredibly common when TECKpert first launched the brand’s marketing strategy. Search engine optimization and email marketing were the two main marketing methods used by the industry to boost brand names, so it was essential to go above and beyond traditional tactics if we wanted to help Dash Door succeed. In addition to SEO and email marketing, TECKpert implemented a social media strategy, content management plan and online advertising campaign. All elements were key components, as they supplemented each other and helped Dash Door stand out among their competitors. Since the brand’s digital marketing began, they’ve been able to differentiate themselves in the market and witness significant results year after year.