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CORE Investment Properties Fund is a private investor of retail and office properties throughout Florida and the southeastern United States. CORE’s principals actively manage 1 million square feet of property in the region on top of investments in technology, management, and other secondary real estate ventures. The nimble investment fund, which combines experience with a forward-thinking mindset, turned to TECKpert for digital solutions to power their growth and expand their reach.

TECKpert’s diverse team of design and development experts worked with CORE to create a clean, streamlined online experience for potential investors and business partners. It was imperative that key information about CORE’s strategy and investment opportunities be immediately accessible for site users. TECKpert’s experience working with clients in the South Florida real estate space allowed us to drive the digital transformation process forward with efficiency, adding value through a strong understanding of CORE’s long-term needs. The end result was an easily navigable site with bold visual elements and a package of long-term branding assets.

CORE leverages technology from another TECKpert project, RealDash, to manage its properties. In both cases, TECKpert’s work in expanding CORE and RealDash’s digital capabilities has resulted in opportunities for value-added partnerships.

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About CORE

CORE is a private investor of primarily value add retail and office properties located in primary and secondary MSA markets of Florida and the southeastern United States. CORE and its principals own and actively manage approximately 1,000,000 SF of properties throughout the region and target experience-oriented properties with existing cash flow and upside potential through active management. CORE leverages their experience for investors and provides an opportunity to invest in their Core Investment Properties Fund aiming to provide investors steady income with upside potential. Additionally, Core has investments in technology, management and other ancillary Real Estate ventures.

CORE Investment Properties Fund's Project Image
CORE Investment Properties Fund's Project Image