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Web Design & Development

As a longtime client of TECKpert, our work for Cole, Scott, Kissane has extended beyond the traditional law firm website design. For a major firm such as CSK we knew that a strong digital footprint was needed. When it came to their website, easy-to-access information and strong calls to action were key. We developed a seamless interface for finding an attorney by allowing users to filter by practice area, location or name. This allows potential clients to view attorney information and get in contact with them directly or by reaching out to the location closest to them.

App Design & Development

TECKpert also designed CSK’s mobile app, which holds the functionality of the website in a more customized and on-the-go experience. Users can sign in to access everything they need to know about the firm, while having the ability to save helpful legal resources and contact information.

Digital Marketing

To promote their new digital presence, CSK utilizes TECKpert’s digital marketing expertise to enhance their visibility and widen their client base. The firm’s first year marketing using TECKpert’s SEO efforts resulted in a 25% increase in organic website visits, with significant boosts in important keyword rankings. Given the legal industry’s highly competitive nature online, these results, along with our social media management and ongoing ad campaign strategy, have granted CSK the competitive edge needed to stand out.

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TECKpert is highly recommended. They were able to assist us in redesigning our entire website and creating our iPhone app, which included both their expertise in the aesthetics as well as the programming required to ensure compatibility and proper appearance. Additionally, they immediately address any technical issues (although very few) that have arisen after the website was completed.

Chad Robinson
Cole, Scott & Kissane