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TECKpert designed and developed Midtown Women’s Center’s new responsive website. The diagnostic center required branding that accurately incorporated the chic feel of the Midtown area while still demonstrating their credibility as a diagnostic center. The online appointment scheduling feature was created to make is simple for users to set up a consultation with their experienced staff right from their device. To ensure that the Midtown website always contained up-to-date health resources for women, TECKpert incorporated a regularly updated RSS feed from trusted websites and added it to the diagnostic center’s News section. TECKpert was honored to receive a Davey Award for our website work on this project.

"At Midtown Women’s Center, we set out to create an optimized experience in a caring environment, where time is respected, communication is valued, and caring is key. We are a premier diagnostic center exclusively for women. Our facility offers screening and diagnostic exams designed to help you and your doctor evaluate your health issues. We combine the latest technology with the expertise of a highly trained staff to ensure that all procedures are done quickly and thoroughly."

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We loved the creativity TECKpert incorporated to our website. Just from seeing our logo, they were able to create a unique, fresh, and inviting website design that really captured our brand. They made the website development process easy and now that our website is live, the customer service and support is still excellent.

Katie Damminger
Communications Manager, Femwell