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As a long-time client, Dash Door & Closer Service, Inc. knows they’re able to count on TECKpert for any online project. So when it came time to brand their product, PrivacyVue, we were called on to design the logo, create the website and market the new brand. The switchable glass product is both unique and sleek, so the digital assets needed to reflect that same look while also highlighting the product in its various available applications.

Web Design & Development

The new website, designed and developed by TECKpert, featured the switchable glass and its capabilities front and center by having the main image transition to opaque upon scroll, visually explaining to users what the product did in an instant. Additionally, PrivacyVue’s own logo was created showing both the transparent and opaque state of the glass with its simple, yet descriptive, glass icon. The rest of the website focused on explaining the uses for the product, available custom design options and their completed projects.

Digital Marketing

With the website in place, we were then able to use it as a marketing tool to promote PrivacyVue online. TECKpert put a digital advertising strategy into play, giving the brand top placement among users searching for the glass product. Since implementing both the website and our digital marketing efforts, leads to the switchable glass brand and overall brand awareness has increased exponentially.

PrivacyVue™ is an innovative product offering electrified switchable privacy glass in custom door and wall configurations. PrivacyVue™ glazing systems offer architects, designers, building owners and homeowners the ultimate in controllable privacy, security and visual display Imagery Glass.

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I’ve dealt with many vendors, and I’ve never worked with anybody like TECKpert. I refer them to everybody.

Steve Sanko
CEO, Dash Door & Closer Service, Inc.