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Over the past 55 years, Silmar Electronics has established itself as a leading distributor of fire, alarm, CCTV and low voltage products in the Southeastern United States, South America and the Caribbean. To stay at the top of their field, Silmar recognized that they would need to evolve with their industry, and that meant putting a comprehensive digital effort into place. TECKpert was tasked with helping Silmar expand their business and continue thriving as an industry leader through a comprehensive digital strategy.

The TECKpert team conducted a thorough analysis of their business, technology and processes in order to develop a plan for adding efficiencies and capabilities to meet their existing needs and support their growth. Achieving these goals required evolving their existing systems, as well as building new ones that would interact and share data—transforming the old while applying the new. In addition, TECKpert automated tasks, opened access to data and modernized communication to bring cost savings while improving reliability and effectiveness.

An important step in Silmar’s digital transformation was a brand update. The goal for this evolution was to remain familiar while displaying the company’s direction in a cleaner, modern look. With the branding defined, TECKpert applied the new vision to a full-scale redesign of Silmar’s corporate site, digital assets and print materials. TECKpert continues to execute Silmar’s digital strategy through upgrading and evolving their IT systems, ERP and online store.

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About Silmar Electronics

Silmar Electronics is one of the largest independent distributors of Security, Fire, CCTV, Access Control, Home Theater, Distributed Audio and Sound Systems. Silmar Electronics has convenient locations throughout Florida (Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Jacksonville, Clearwater/Tampa, Sarasota and Ft. Myers) and South Carolina (Charleston and Greenville).

Their International Sales division distributes products to dealers in the Caribbean, South America and Central America.

Silmar Electronics's Project Image
Silmar Electronics's Project Image