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Designing the Interface for Medical Technology

TenX Healthcare increases efficiency, accountability and visibility at hospitals and medical centers through software. Their team approached TECKpert with a great technology that needed a well-designed UI to take the next step: wide-scale adoption by preeminent hospitals.

TECKpert partnered with TenX to transform their creation into a user-friendly application ready for hospital usage. The project pulled together the strengths of TECKpert’s design and development teams for a final product that has been successfully deployed at prestige health systems like Weston’s Cleveland Clinic.

The final product marries IoT technology and wearables into a big-picture system that tracks patient movement though surgical suites, leveraging AI to understand the workflow and throughput of the patient’s journey and help hospitals interpret and act upon data for better scheduling outcomes and resource usage. Creating a UI for the application required an understanding of data hierarchy and dashboards suited to multiple user types, including patients, family, and nurses and other hospital staff. Above all, this project demonstrates the TECKpert team’s fluency with emerging technology, understanding of the specific needs of health care providers, and skill at collaborating with external and internal teams to translate a complex product into something that is functional, attractive and marketable.

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About TenX Healthcare

Information—Automated. Real-Time. Unbiased.

TenX Healthcare was started with a simple premise: make healthcare visits more human for patients and their families, and everyone involved will benefit – from nurses to the environmental services team, and from doctors to C-suite executives. Armed with real-time, unbiased and automated data, our clients can take simple steps to dramatically increase patient capacity and generate higher revenue. Additionally, our business intelligence systems can provide the insights necessary to conserve resources and reduce labor costs.

TenX Healthcare's Project Image
TenX Healthcare's Project Image