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Good-looking designs don’t mean much unless everything functions properly & efficiently. That’s where our development team comes in.

Full Stack Application Development

Our job doesn’t stop at an efficient front-end design. TECKpert works with both back-end and front-end technologies, working with everything from databases to slicing design files. This means we’re a part of the user experience the entire way through, including everything from managing the hosting environment that your website is on to minimizing the process a user takes to get to the end goal. We have the business logic to understand the user mentality when they are using the application, making the development process useful versus just functional.

Mobile Development

Whether you have a brand new idea for a mobile app or are in need of creating a more mobile-friendly extension of your website, our mobile development team can make it happen. TECKpert has built mobile applications for all major operating systems, including iOS, Android and Windows, with our work even being featured in the LA Times. With so many users relying on mobile devices versus desktops, we take mobile seriously to ensure that user experience is positive and that the retention rate is high. We manage this by pushing out app updates for our clients to keep up with new software and technology.

Proofs of Concept (POC)

You may not yet have a viable product, but your startup knows what it wants to accomplish. TECKpert works with businesses in various stages to establish a proof of concept by building out ideas that help show the potential in the market. We work with you through the process to develop a demo, allowing you to run A/B tests and measure its effectiveness. Once enough information is gathered where you know your product will be successful, we bring it to life by designing and developing the final result, as well as marketing it to the right demographic.

Responsive Layouts

Responsive websites are ones that are built to adapt to any device, including desktops, tablets and smartphones. At this point in the digital world, responsive layouts are essential for website owners, as they not only provide a positive user experience and higher website engagement, but also attribute to higher search engine rankings. We consider designing and developing responsive layouts a standard part of our development services and include this in all custom website packages. Once your site is developed, we test across all devices to assure it’s up to par.

Web Development

Developing highly-functional websites is our bread and butter at TECKpert. We know that no website is complete without the right technology implementation and functionality. Having a complete understanding of new and existing programming languages gives us the ability to utilize the most efficient ones for each project. TECKpert also develops with most of the popular APIs on the web today, so as to provide your website with all the right tools to make it successful and easy for your visitors.