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Your product/service offering is great, but it needs the extra boost to reach your desired audience. We have the tools to make that happen.

Content Creation / Development

A crucial part of your brand’s web presence depends on the content you’re putting out to the world. Content on your website, and even your social pages, affects your search engine rankings, so it should be a key component of your marketing efforts. Whether it’s a complex industry that requires expert technical writers or you need a local source to cover happenings near your business, our writers get the job done by developing SEO-friendly and shareable content that will engage your audience. You then have full control (if you prefer) over what’s posted on any of your pages in order to assure our goals align.

Email Marketing

Email marketing remains as one of the most profitable marketing efforts you can put forth for your business. While you’ve likely already used email to communicate with your customers, you may have not yet discovered its full potential. TECKpert manages your contact lists, creates highly engaging email content and consistently monitors what works to get you the best ROI. But, it doesn’t stop online. We analyze offline marketing methods where you can build your email list and, in turn, grow a loyal customer base.

Online Advertising (PPC Management)

The digital space is full of advertising. It’s become do or die for some brands to pay for that extra exposure, but wasted budgets remain a top concern (and for good reason). Before setting up a PPC campaign for businesses, we review your goals and research your audience to understand where to best reach them at the time they’re most likely to convert. We determine which network, like Google Search / Display, Facebook, LinkedIn or other third party sites will get your brand the most profitable results. TECKpert works on handling the full campaign process, including ad design and ongoing management.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you’ve ever tried to boost your own business website’s search engine rankings, you’ll know that there are tons of moving parts to get it right. We begin by doing a thorough SEO website audit, from analyzing your competitors and current rankings to reviewing any website issues that may be hindering your site’s potential. We build a list of keywords to target, keeping in mind competition and, naturally, what your goals as a business are. Then we get to work on both the on-page and on-site optimization of your site, monitoring and updating you on important changes as they happen.

Social Media & Reputation Management

Managing a brand’s social media pages and overall online reputation is more than just tweeting. It’s a complete other communication tool used to reach potential customers and interact with existing ones – the customer service of a digital-dependent era, if you will. You update us on what’s going on at your business, we study your market and then we build your social media presence by always keeping users informed, interested and engaged. We manage your pages day and night so if any important mentions happen (good or bad), we know first thing and respond promptly and appropriately.